How To Consign


Quality Guidelines

P. Smith Collections accepts quality furniture in nearly-new condition.

Merchandise must be clean and ready to be presented for resale. The better is looks, the better it sells!

There will be a quality inspection of your pieces upon arrival at the store prior to final acceptance for consignment.  We reserve the right to decline any items that do not meet our quality standards.


We Do Not Accept




Exercise equipment


Particle board furniture

Items with missing or broken hardware

Items in need of repair, cleaning, refinishing or re-upholstery


Submit A Photo

Please submit photos of your items so we can ensure our store has the correct demand. Requests emailed to will also be accepted. If necessary, you may bring photos into the store on a digital camera or as hard copies. 



Please allow up to 5 days for us to review and respond to your consignment request.  If your request is urgent, feel free to contact our store at (203) 565-3539 to expedite your request.

We will review your request and photos to determine if we have a demand for those items from our customer base, in addition to when floor space will be available to accommodate your furniture.  You will receive a response from us with an approval, request for additional information and/or communication regarding scheduling an appointment.

Please note that our customer’s buying patterns dictate what we bring into the store on consignment.  We will always do our best to recommend an alternative selling solution should your furniture not be a good fit for our store.  There is a market for everything, just need to get it into the right place!

Approval & Scheduling

Once your furniture is approved for consignment, we will provide you with a scheduled delivery date or delivery window.  It is important to stick to this time frame as we are committing floor space specifically for your furniture.  In the event that you are not able to commit to the delivery parameters, please let us know right away so that we can reschedule or adjust accordingly.


Note that all furniture must have a preset appointment before being delivered to our store.  If furniture is delivered without an appointment or pre-approval, it is subject to space availability and inspection.


You approved my furniture, how do I get it to your store?

We are happy to help you make arrangements for pickup and delivery by a professional, bonded and insured moving company.


How Will I Get Paid?

Consignment checks are issued by mail 45-days after an item sells. Consignors receive 50% of an item’s final selling price. 


What If My Item Does Not Sell?

When an item is brought to us and remains in-store after 30 days, we will decrease the price by up to 20%. After 60 days unsold, the price will be decreased by another 20%. After 90 days, the item will no longer stay in-store. Consignors have the choice to take back their item or allow us to dispose of it.